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5. Oktober 1999 (Alter: 19)

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    5. Oktober 1999 (Alter: 19)
    Hopper bottom grain steel silos for sale:
    Company Information:
    Introduction of hopper bottomed steel silo:
    1. BODA Hopper Bottomed steel silos provide quality grain storage solutions plus the convenience of self-emptying hoppers.
    2. Available in hopper angles of 45*and 60*to suit a wide range of grains, feeds, seeds, powders and plastic pellets.
    3. All BODA silos are precision engineered from high strength, 80mm x 14mm low profilecorrugated steel plate, galvanised to 275 g/m2 (or optional 450 g/m2).
    4. Supplied in kit form, packed in shipping containers (2 x 250t silos per 20'container.1 x 500t silos per 20'container; 1 x 1,000t silo per 2 x 20'containers.
    5. BODA Hopper Bottomed steel silos provide the best quality grain storage option available.Erection of the most popular 250 t, 500 t and 1,000 t silos is straightforward,and can typically be completed in around 10 days per silo.

    Features of Steel hopper bottom silos:
    Advantage: Automatic-flow unloading, save resources and costs, Hopper angles can be 45° and 60°; Could be movable; easily to be installed. Do not need a serious concrete, labor and energy cost; less grain residues in steel grain silo;Hopper structure prevents loss of time and money during the unloading period.

    Disadvantage: The silos cost higher than flat bottom type
    Boda steel silo series are widely used in various industrial lines such as grain depot, farm, wooden pellets, sawdust, plastic pellet, seed, flour, starch, oil, feed, water storage, alcohol, wine, port, chemistry and so on, which are the very equipments for storage of granular and powder materials.
    •Hopper Bottom silos in capacities from 10 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes
    •Can be Gas Sealed for fumigation
    •Insulation silo, stainless silo and welding silo are all available

    Boda Silo features:
    1. Roof degree: 30°instead of 25°, enlarge the storage capacity;
    2. Once piece of roof sheet instead of several sections, better for sealing and easy for installation;
    3. New type roof vents, effective waterproof function;
    4. Install level indicator position on the roof sheets, enlarge the storage capacity;
    5. Galvanized ventilation planks, antirust, clean and have a long service life.

    Our Customers:
    Our major overseas market:hopper bottom steel bin